Pedro Miralles - Spanish style

We are so excited about our Pedro Miralles range, as they are the perfect shoe to wear to any upcoming Christmas parties and to your family Christmas gatherings and celebrations.

I love Pedro as they are my go to heel.
— Sam, Milo & Macy Shoes

Based in Spain and in operation since 1959, Pedro Miralles are a stunning shoe that merges comfort with elegance. They are stylish and are made to exceptionally high standards that you will truly appreciate.

Pedro Miralles heels give great height. They offer a colour range this season that is so versatile that you have the luxury of complete flexibility in combining a pair of Pedro Miralles with any outfit for any and all occasions. They give comfortable height while being able to wear them all day and night and the colours are completely perfect for Summer dresses and pants.

Pedro Miralles are a shoe you will want to add to your collection this year as the detail, the understated beauty and the feel are perfectly exquisite.

My favourite heel is the metal sling back, as it elongates my leg while adding height.
— Sam, Milo & Macy Shoes