Starting out in her family home when Sam Emanuel’s youngest offspring hit schooling age, Milo and Macy Shoes is a truly unique shopping experience. Sam had long been passionate about shoes and as time allowed, was determined to pursue a venture that catered for other similarly inclined shoe loving females. Coupling this passion with a flair for entrepreneurship, Milo and Macy Shoes soon emerged into a thriving reality.

The crowning difference that sets Milo and Macy apart is exclusivity. Sam is extremely selective in the footwear that she stocks, travelling far and wide to source new products at independent trade shows. She works with labels to carefully select fabrics and cuts, creating her own unique and exclusive product line.

Adding to this story of hands-on exclusivity, Sam selects boutique brands that are not widely retailed across the country.

Since opening its doors in September of 2015, Milo and Macy has quickly gained a dedicated following courtesy of word-of-mouth and social media referrals. 

Sam has now moved the business out of home and is trading in a beautiful Queenslander in the heart of Ascot. Situated next to the Post Office at 82 Abbott st, amongst a lovely Shopping precinct.